Father’s Day: Jord Watch GIVEAWAY!!!

Father’s Day is approaching fast and this is one of the hardest times of year to get that perfect mix of smart, personal and creative gift for your hard working, deserving father. This year, however I know the perfect gift; a personalized JORD watch.

I am so impressed by the craftmanship of these watches and the variety of choses. From dark to light woods, they have something for every father. Modern and clean this is an ideal gift for a father that is stylish or someone that needs a little fashion push (I know every man has a fashionable side).

**side note: my dad is quite the stylish lad, so this is a nice change of pace from getting him cuff links or a pocket square

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet: you can PERSONALIZE IT! Add his name or something personal from you on the back of the face. That way he will think of you every time he wears it, carrying a piece of you wherever he is. My dad travels a lot so this is something special for me, because I know that it will mean I am with him when he wears it to a business meeting or a company dinner.


While these watches are affordable, I am excited to say that you have a chance to win $100 gift code to use on the JORD website! Click on the link HERE, fill it out and submit your entry! All participants will receive 10% off code once the contest is over! Contest ends June 26th, so enter now!

Don’t forget Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th! Goodluck babes!

My Frankie Ebony & Gold wooden watch

I specially engraved my watch with my name