La La Land

Every year during our birthdays Carrie and I take a trip together. This year for my birthday we traveled to La La Land to sit on the beach and enjoy the California air. A big shoutout to the JW Marriot in Santa Monica Le Merigot for the great room with a view. We spent 4 days and: 1 wine safari, 1 trip down Rodeo drive, 1 lunch at Venice Beach, 1 dinner at Catch LA, 1 lavender ice-cream stop at Salt & Straw, 1 soul cycle class, 1 round of drinks at the Bungalow (low key my favorite bar in Santa Monica), 1 round of drinks at Misfit, 2 morning walks on the beach to make the most of our birthdays, because we all know or you will soon find out, that I am obsessed with birthdays. I love making a big deal about everyones personal christmas’s.

Can’t wait for November, the birthday extravaganza continues for Carrie’s birthday.

LeLe Boutique: Living Empowered

The power of a online boutique. A friend’s mom opened up her own boutique and it is all about female empowerment. LeLe Boutique┬áis about living empowered, Lynn opened her online store this year and has already started to reached her target customer. Based in Tennessee, Lynn was inspired by her fashionable children to sell clothes that embody the idea of living boldly. Her clothes are about feeling feminine and strong at the same time.
Go check her out and support the age of female empowerment!
XX Char