La La Land

Every year during our birthdays Carrie and I take a trip together. This year for my birthday we traveled to La La Land to sit on the beach and enjoy the California air. A big shoutout to the JW Marriot in Santa Monica Le Merigot for the great room with a view. We spent 4 days and: 1 wine safari, 1 trip down Rodeo drive, 1 lunch at Venice Beach, 1 dinner at Catch LA, 1 lavender ice-cream stop at Salt & Straw, 1 soul cycle class, 1 round of drinks at the Bungalow (low key my favorite bar in Santa Monica), 1 round of drinks at Misfit, 2 morning walks on the beach to make the most of our birthdays, because we all know or you will soon find out, that I am obsessed with birthdays. I love making a big deal about everyones personal christmas’s.

Can’t wait for November, the birthday extravaganza continues for Carrie’s birthday.

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